The Essential Reference for Rehabilitation Nursing


The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing: A Core Curriculum, 8th Ed.

With 25 robust chapters of content from across the breadth of the specialty compiled and reviewed by 66 experts, there is no more comprehensive reference on the specialty of rehab nursing. Learn the core competencies of a rehab nurse, updated legal and ethical considerations that affect your practice, and how to best care for patients from all walks of life.

In this book you’ll find case studies, 图, 还有工作中可以用到的表格, and detailed information on how to assess patients and lead care interventions. Covering all care settings and patient populations, this is the ideal tool for you and your unit. 此内容适用于

  • 急性和急性后护理
  • 社区卫生组织
  • 熟练的养老院
  • 病例管理
  • 研究机构
  • 学术界
  • 诊所.


A Valuable Resource for Rehabilitation Professionals in All Aspects of Health Care


Not just for nurses for whom rehab is a primary specialty, the Core Curriculum is also a guiding tool for MedSurg, 伤口护理, 神经科学, 临终关怀, 和中风护士.


The Core Curriculum provides a framework for certification, covering pivotal content outline topics, and is the perfect study guide for the exam.


Drawing on legal and ethical standards, and citing peer-reviewed research from top nursing and healthcare journals, this reference provides rehabilitation professionals with a comprehensive guide of evidence-based nursing interventions, how to care for different client populations, 和更多的.

Healthcare Administration and Case Management

This resource provides salient information for nurse leaders and administrators—including case managers in healthcare organizations—regarding health policy and finance, 质量改进, and transitions of care across the continuum.


This guide will ensure your staff is up-to-date on all things rehabilitation nursing, 覆盖所有核心能力, and provide an amazing resource for your nurses.


分3节25章, Covering Everything from Spinal Injuries to 自制保健 to Caring for Patients with Disabilities

This comprehensive text covers the spectrum of care of rehabilitation patients. Use the entire text to set the foundation for your rehabilitation knowledge or review specific chapters to focus on a particular health condition or element of care.

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Section One: The Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing

Chapter 1: Rehabilitation Nursing: Historical Perspectives, Current Practice, and the Future
Chapter 2: The 胜任力模型 for Professional Rehabilitation Nursing: Application to Practice
Chapter 3: Interprofessional Teamwork and Collaboration
Chapter 4: Theories and Frameworks Contributing to Best Practice Models in Rehabilitation Nursing
Chapter 5: Building Rehabilitation Nursing Knowledge and Evidence for Practice Through Research
Chapter 6: Quality and Safety: Performance Measurement and Accountability
Chapter 7: Healthcare Financing and 卫生政策 in Rehabilitation


Chapter 8: Rehabilitation Nursing Across the Continuum
Chapter 9: Health Promotion and Maintenance
Chapter 10: Physical Healthcare Patterns and Nursing Interventions
Chapter 11: Bowel and Bladder Care
Chapter 13: Disaster and Mass Casualty Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Section Three: Caring for Persons with Disability and Chronic Health Conditions

Chapter 14: Pediatric Rehabilitation
Chapter 15: Gerontological Rehabilitation Nursing
Chapter 16: Individuals with Acute and Chronic Neurological Diseases
Chapter 17: Rehabilitation Nursing Care for Survivors of Stroke
Chapter 18: Traumatic Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury
Chapter 19: Rehabilitation for Clients with Musculoskeletal Conditions
Chapter 20: Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Chapter 21: Rehabilitation in Cancer Care
Chapter 22: Other Disease Processes Requiring Rehabilitation Interventions
Chapter 23: Acute and Chronic Pain Management
Chapter 24: Acute and Chronic Complications in the Rehabilitation Client Population
第25章:你.S. Military Veteran Considerations in Rehabilitation Nursing





New edition of the rehab nursing Core Curriculum—the definitive guide for rehabilitation nursing.